Delhi teen spends grandfather’s pension on PUBG store

A 65-year-old retired BSNL employee got a text message from his bank that Rs 2 lakh had been withdrawn from his account in May, he immediately complained to the Timarpur police station and Cyber Cell of North district. When the case was transferred to the Cyber Cell this month, it was identified that the man’s 15-year-old grandson had transferred Rs 2,34,497 from his grandfather’s pension account and splurged it on PUBG, an online game that was recently banned in India.

The Cyber Cell in their investigation revealed that Rs 2,34,497 was transferred from his debit card to a Paytm account between March 7 and May 8.

A senior police officer in the matter said, “It was also found that transfers were OTP-secured and OTP was sent to the complainant’s number, but no OTP was found on his phone. We traced the Paytm account to one Pankaj Kumar (23), who said that his Paytm wallet was used by a friend, who turned out to be the complainant’s grandson.”

The 15-year-old boy was apprehended and he confessed that he had been playing PUBG for a few months and wanted to make in-game purchases, for which he used his grandfather’s account for the money. Police said that the boy deleted the text messages from his grandfather’s phone.

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