Demonstration outside Pakistani Embassy by Jai Shri Ram Sena on cruelty to pregnant Hindu woman in Pakistan, memorandum submitted to authorities

Jai Shri Ram sena demonstrated a protest outside the Embassy of Pakistan in New Delhi. It was over the cruelty during delivery of a pregnant Hindu woman in Pakistan. A video related to the incident which was embarrassing to humanity had gone viral on social media, due to which the delegation of the enraged Jai Shri Ram Sena submitted a memorandum to the high officials of the Pakistani embassy and appealed for appropriate action.

Jai Shree Ram sena members surrounded the Pakistani Embassy under the leadership of President Ramdoot Saurabh and General Secretary Ramdoot Yash. However, taking action, the police put everyone under house arrest at Chanakyapuri police station for 8 hours. The workers of Jai Shri Ram Sena recited Hanuman Chalisa in the police station and stood firm on their demands. Heavy police force was deployed outside the embassy.

After discussion, the police consented to deliver the memorandum to the officials in a calm manner. Following that, the group from the Jai Shri Ram Sena led by Ramdoot Saurabh met with senior representatives of the Pakistani Embassy and presented them with a document outlining their position. They demanded financial recompense, a job, and security for the victim, as well as harsh punishment for the offenders. He also pleaded for an end to Pakistan’s attacks on minorities and forced conversions.

In a hospital in Pakistan’s Sindh province, an instance of brutality involving a pregnant Hindu woman came to light last week. The child’s head was cut off from the body. Not only this, the child was left in the stomach, due to which her life became a crisis. The video of the woman lying on the stretcher also went viral. This is not the first time that minorities are being attacked in Pakistan and no action is being taken on the criminals.