“Destroying The Unorganised Sector” Alleges Ex-Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi In His New Video

New Delhi : Rahul Gandhi in his new video today targets PM Narendra Modi and the Central Government on “destroying the unorganised sector” – which he earlier stayed as the backbone of the Indian Economy.

In a series of allegations in the recent past, Mr Gandhi attacked government by saying that during “Nationwide Lockdown” due to Covid19 Pandemic, government has broken the backbone of the economy.

While suggesting, he remarked that government should launch “NYAY-like scheme” – the minimum wage social welfare scheme. This scheme which Rahul Gandhi mentioned had already been proposed by Congress in its 2019 elections in party’s manifesto.

“The poor, those in small and medium businesses, are daily wage earners. They eat with what they earn each day. When you (PM Modi) announced a lockdown without a notice, you attacked them. The Prime Minister said the fight will be for 21 days, the backbone of the unorganised sector broke in 21 days.” said Rahul Gandhi.

Gandhi quoted government’s data in his fourth and last video presented today in the series, he has held demonetisation and Goods and Services Tax (GST). He also pointed out the reasons behind 23.9% contraction in GDP and asked questions to the government on over 97 lakh migrant workers were “sent home”. He mentioned estimates on Youth Unemployment and showed concern on closure of medium and small-sized business.

Rahul Gandhi reiterated on his Party colleagues and former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram statement on ways to revive the Indian economy from its record fall of 23.9 per cent.

“We suggested that for small and medium businesses, you should prepare a package. Instead, the government waived off taxes worth lakhs of crores of the richest fifteen-twenty people,” said Mr Gandhi.

“The lockdown was not an attack on corona.The lockdown was an attack on the poor of India. The lockdown was an attack on labourers, farmers and small shopkeepers. It was an attack on our unorganised sector,” Mr Gandhi said.

This video came after Mr Gandhi shared India’s Coronavirus numbers which is now the second highest in the world, blamed it on the centre’s “mismanagement”.

Congress MP stated Centre’s Rs 20 lakh economic assistance as ‘joke’.
The BJP, however, has dismissed these attacks. Recently, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had called the massive shortall in the GST – linked to the cornavirus pandemic – as “an act of God”.

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