Dholera SIR: Its time to party?

The Finance Minister has presented a budget full of promises to revive the economy and generate much-needed employment. Where there is no much direct relief in income tax to a middle class, but there is a lot more for the average person and middle class via different subsidies and Govt’s efforts to lower the inflation. The infrastructure and Real estate sector have got much-needed boost via Rs 1.5 lakh crore towards financing the affordable housing projects. The infrastructure has got a whopping share of 34.5% of the total budget. This volume speaks a lot about the intension of the government.

Where is Dholera SIR amidst all this happening? What is there for Dholera? How it is going to benefit by this budget? Let’s do some thinking….

The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is getting completed by 2023. The project work is in full swing. Yesterday Patel Engineering made a world record by Pacing concrete in 2 KM in one stretch and one go. This will open a brand-new gateway for handlock north-Central India to the seaports of Gujarat. Dholera is going to witness windfall success by hosting international airport and Sea port within its limits.

Photo: Dholera SIR

Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway work is underway. This will have greater connectivity with other part of Gujarat and rest of the country. Monorail project will be an added advantage to smart mobility to the Greenfield smart city of India.

The dedicated Freight corridor is almost complete and soon it will start operation to smoothen the transport from north to abroad via Dholera. DFC will be the key growth driver for the country and Dholera SIR.

The Defence sector has got highest share in the budget and make in India is the theme of this government hence lot of Defence equipment manufacturing will come to get the benefits of Dholera’s robust infrastructure. Recently Boeing has a nod to manufacture aircraft in India, Dholera SIR should be the destination to them as only it has the level of infrastructure to host such big manufacturing units.

As we have permitted FDI in many sectors, we see many big players will follow TATA industries as they have already arrived in Dholera with Li-In battery manufacturing unit. Dholera SIR will generate huge employment in construction and manufacturing both the sectors and will provide world class living to its residents.

Photo: Dholera SIR

Dholera SIR will be a destination for all the action for next five years as the world class smart, future ready infrastructure is ready to welcome and host world class industry and world class players from across the globe. Its time for Dholera, its time of Dholera SIR.