‘Dhoni Khichdi’ and ‘Kohli Khaman’ served in the 5ft long thali in an Ahmedabad based Restaurant

Indians have different kind of love for their food and cricket. Keeping in mind Indian’s eternal love for both the Courtyard By Mariott, Ahmedabad, has brought together Indians’ two absolute favorites in a plate of food. This plate is not the regular plate–it is a 5-feet-long special thali called the ‘Motera Thali’. Also the restaurant has grabbed everyone’s attention by organizing the Motera Thali challenge too on march 8 and 9, 2021. Cricketer Parthiv Patel graced the challenge and tried the thaali with his friend, wearing a Gujrati turban.

Credits: Times Now

Since sometime now, thali challenges have been in the trend  but the Motera Thali challenge was a little different. The participant had to finish the 5-feet-long thaali in time frame of one hour and you could also take help of your friends or family. Easy, right? But not more than four people were allowed to eat with you.

The cricket-sih twist to the thali was its food and was another attraction towards it. It had Gujrati delicacies named on cricketers’ names, like Kohli Khaman, Pandya Patra, Dhoni Khichdi, Bhuvaneshwar Bharta, Rohit Aloo Rashila, Shardul Shrikhand, Bouncer Basundi, Hattrick Gujarati dal, Bhumra Bhindi Simlamirch, Harbhajan Handvo. The mammoth platter had multiple portions of each dish and served a mix of snacks, breads, appetizers and delish desserts along side the extravagant mains.

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