Does Every Bollywood Film Always Need A Romantic Sub Plot? See The List Of ‘Hidden Gems’ Which Attained Cult Status

Bollywood has a history of throwing together solid and creative plots with out-of-the-box romances that make us laugh. So many great Bollywood movies should have been made without dancing around the trees with love tracks and item numbers.


While Gita’s position was important to bring Mohan on the edge of the film, the romantic relationship did not make it interesting, other than a decent song.



Though the plot of Bhuvan and Gauri was smooth and fitted into the plot, Elizebeth fell in love with Bhuvan rather than being just a smart woman who chose to help the Indians.

Rang De Basanti


Although the relationship between Durga and Ajay was essential to the plot, DJ’s falling in love with Sue appeared to be irrelevant and was put into the plot for the sake of it.

Gully Boy


As much as we liked Kalki’s movie character, Murad’s Sky did not do any good to the plot.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag


While the role of Sonam Kapoor in this film based on the true story of the hero, Milkha Singh, can be explained as a tale of his roots. What about the Australian girl who came in for a single song? She didn’t do any good for the plot.

Dear Zindagi


A story of a young woman who’s had a childhood trauma all her existence eventually meets a therapist who’s changed her life. Why did she need to be drawn to him?

Shakuntala Devi


This film, centered on the life of the ‘human calculator,’ didn’t have to spend too much on her men’s chronicles and maybe offer us a little more about her math quest instead.

Pad Man


Wasn’t this one based on the story of a real-life? Then why did they feel the need to attract Pari to Laxmi Kant? Only because Akshay Kumar performed it.

Mission Mangal


In this ISRO movie, Parmeshwar ‘s unhealthy fascination with Eka was distracting, to say the least. There are larger challenges to contend with.

Every Dhoom movie ever


No one is watching the Dhoom series for sentimental love stories, we’re here for the heist. But send us a charismatic villain, a brilliant theft, and leave the relationship to the movies that really need it.

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