Don’t use party name to campaign in US elections: BJP to members

Republican Party’s campaign videos in the US election may be using visuals of ‘Howdy Modi’ and ‘Namaste Trump’ but the BJP has asked its members in America to take part in the election in their own capacity. They should not use the party’s name officially for campaigning for either parties.

Vijay Chauthaiwale, head of BJP’s Foreign Affairs Department, has written to the Overseas Friends of BJP’s (OFBJP) US and warned them against using the party’s name officially to campaign for either party.

On Kamala Harris, US Senator of Indian and Jamaican origin who is running for Vice President, Chauthaiwale said: “Naturally we are happy that a person of Indian ancestry is contesting for the second most prominent post in the US. But the BJP wants to take a non-partisan role here. It is left to our members’ choices, because that’s the sovereign right of the people there.”

He said, “We believe that any election is solely a domestic process of that country and the BJP has no role in whatsoever in the process. India and USA have deep strategic relations which has bipartisan support in the US and overwhelming public support in India.”