DU professor came out as a conspirator in the Delhi riots

The capital has faced several trials & tribulations in the aftermath of the riots that were allegedly conspired by Anti- CAA protesters. With as many as 53 dead and 200 injured in the Delhi riots, the public demands a much deserved justice.

A shocking update in the case reveals that a Delhi University professor Apurvananda was also engaged in the conspiracy that cost so many lives.

Gulfisha Fatima, an alumni from DU, who was arrested in April under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) & is currently serving a jail term, has revealed how the professor helped them instigate the violence in the Anti-CAA protest that went completely out of hand.

The professor asked them to arrange stones, empty bottles, acid and knives before the riots. Women were also asked to keep chilli powder. Gulfisha has told the cops that the decision to block the road below Jaffrabad Metro Station was taken on February 22 & was led by Apurvananda, as an attempt to ruin India’s reputation on world stage upon Donald Trump’s arrival.

Gulfisha revealed that Apurvananda was in fact, one of the front men of the 18 accused & he even congratulated her after the riot successfully caused a tremendous amount of irreparable destruction. Delhi Police’s Special Cell questioned Professor Apurvanand for 5 hours and confiscated his mobile phone in order for the investigation to move forward.

The professor has urged the police to run the investigation by not just targeting the Anti-CAA protestors in order for the complete justice to be served.

The professor said that, “It is disturbing to see a theory emerging which treats the supporters of the protestors as the source of violence. I would urge the police and expect their probe to be thorough, just and fair so that truth prevails.”