Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ and family tested positive for COVID-19

Former wrestling star and Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ took to Instagram to share that he and his family tested positive for coronavirus a few weeks ago. In a video, the actor requested his fans and loved ones to take all the precautions to fight the virus. The Rock also confirmed that he, his wife Lauren and two children Tia and Jazzy are fine now.

Explaining how the got the virus, The Rock said, “We picked up Covid-19 from very close family friends who we love and trust. They were devastated. So having your friends, family over, loved ones over…now apply even greater discipline over who you are going to call over. Take an aggressive measure, get them tested because you never know.”

The Hollywood star also urged his fans to wear a mask. “Wearing a mask is not a political thing to do, it is a fact,” the actor said as he concluded the video.

Dwayne Johnson is hoping to the release of Disney movie Jungle Cruise. He will be seen sharing screen with Emily Blunt for the first time.