Embarrassing moment; Punjab teachers fight over free food after meeting CM Bhagwant Mann  

LUDHIANA: An embarrassing moment was captured during the Chief Minister meeting with teachers in Ludhiana Punjab. Video went viral of government school principals along with the teachers fighting to grab the food plate for the free lunch.


Education department of Punjab conducted the meeting to discuss the quality of teaching and to get suggestions on how to improve it. Meanwhile send invites to school heads and district education officials from all over the state.

In the event Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant launched an online portal to pursue suggestions for fetching “out-of-the-box” academic reforms. After the long discussion the teachers rushed to the dining hall and started grabbing the food plates and were seen elbowing each other.

Teachers are seen pushing each other to grab a plate for lunch. It was very ashamed to watch teachers behavior, it seem that they haven’t got food for several days and will not get any food after this meeting or so on, so they didn’t want to skip the free lunch

There were almost 2,600 people and the education department have arranged around 57 air-conditioned buses for their transportation

After the viral video social media users are now criticizing the wild behaviour of teachers

“They really need to be sent to ‘Hayward’ for some basic ‘civic sense’ training. An user wrote.

“Every student should identify his Principal and teacher, encircle the face and put it on the college notice board with a remark… ‘bhooke pet to bhajan nahi hote to Hayward kaise jayenge'”  another user commented