Expired drugs found dumped at Kundrathur in Chennai

On  Tuesday, a local activist has found expired medicines dumped near Outer Ring Road (ORR) at Kundrathur.  The young activist-cum aeronautical engineer, Pugalventhan Venkatesan for the past one year been highlighting and fighting for how bio-medical waste from hospitals is being illegally and secretly dumped at the outskirts areas on Chennai. Venkatesan has been talking about it as an activist for years and observing this mishandling.

Pugalventhan said, “the amount of expired medicines dump is shocking and it was a huge quantity. When I saw the dump, I went in to check if the packets were empty. Surprisingly, they were all unused medicines in unbroken sealed packages.” The area falls under Kundrathur town panchayat which is a few km west of Chennai’s outskirts.

The activist immediately made officials of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on Twitter warned along with photographs. He has also planned to send the evidence through a registered post as well.

The local drug control inspector (DI) was also made aware of the situation. DI Suresh Kumar told that he conducted an inspection at the site as reported by Times of India.

The drug inspector can take action against the pharmacy as per rules for dumping the waste under section 27 of the Drug and Cosmetic Act which deals with the sale of spurious drugs.

Suresh Kumar said that if they could identify the pharmacy action would be initiated. He said, “But if the medicines were dumped by a medical representative, we will not be able to take action against the person,” he said.