Explore World’s Most Eccentric Theme Parks To Discover: Travel Beats

Santa Claus Land is said to be one of the first Theme Parks in the World and whose concept was a thing to digest. But the World has some of the craziest theme parks you’d love to discover and know the whereabouts of ’em.

Let’s just head to the 5 most bizarre amusement parks in the world.

 1. Hershey Park 

Theme Parks

Milton S. Hershey would never know that his name would be called out not only as a Chocolate Company but also an Amusement Park. Wandering in this park you can see many kids with the giant huggable candies. A fun-fact about Hershey Park is that it used to be a picnic spot for the Hershey’s Company Employees and their family members.


2. Diggerland 

JCB Diggerland

JCBs on road? Normal. JCBs in a park? Feels like there’s a construction going on. But No!
There exists a park inspired by Diggers and JCB. Here you can teach your little ones how to use construction equipment, and let demonstrate them what fun (or chore) real life jobs can be. Diggerland even hosts family fun events throughout the year, including seasonal festivals and activities at Diggerfest and Winterfest in the fall and winter months.


3. Dubai Land 

Dubai Land

You’ll surely wonder how can a place has so much to offer. Once it’s finished off, it shall break many records. It’ll be twice the size of Walt Disney World in Florida. This three billion square foot (almost 280 sq. km) monstrosity will feature countless attractions, like the world’s largest waterpark, life-sized Pyramids, Hanging Gardens of Babylon and other world wonders. With all the Woah glances, it shall be polished off by the end of 2020.


4. Dwarf Empire, Kunming China

Theme Parks Theme Parks

When young, you might have wished for a house or a place having everything tiny to hold and see. Even humans. So here’s the place on one of the hills top in China, the Dwarf Empire. It’s a village built for and inhabited by vertically challenged people, or dwarfs. It also goes by the name of the Kingdom of the Little People that features performances by people with dwarfism.


5. Pedro Land 

Pedro Land

A place in South Carolina give rides to realities. Shocked right? If you think to spend a day in Pedro Land, it would be a day of stereotypes, generalities, and some of the best puns on the planet. Play a round of mini-golf at “The Golf of Mexico” and ride a glass elevator up the Sombrero Tower. “Reality Ride” also looks like something anyone would want to try.

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