Facebook desktop Says Farewell: Here is everything you need to know about the latest edition

The ‘old’ and ‘classic’ Facebook interface will be wiped off from all desktop users starting in September. The new edition of Facebook would have chosen a ‘black and blue’ color layout.

How to switch to ‘new Facebook’

If you are now checking your Facebook account on the desktop, you will have a notification call attention. It says the ‘classic’ Facebook interface will be removed from ‘blue-white’ colors starting in September.

“we’ve made improvements to the new Facebook.com and we’re excited for everyone to experience the new look. We hope that you’ll let us know how we can continue to make Facebook better for everyone.” Says Facebook.

Technically, the current Facebook will soon be the ‘only Facebook.’ This means desktop users would no longer have choices to switch to the original one. There is a lot of difference between Facebook’s classic and new versions, except for colors. It’s said the new one is wider and more immersive. This also reveals that the variant of ‘night mode’ appears to be more sensitive for the user’s eyes.

The ‘new Facebook’ version has a more rugged look and smoother edges than the traditional one.

Public opinion

Of course, not everyone on the Facebook site is happy with the recent improvements. The classic version, after all, has been Facebook’s recognizable and most famous face over the years.

Selective Facebook protocol on posts

Concerning Facebook, another news has come up saying that the social media giant is planning first to take control of their trending content. With the distribution of fake news around the internet and the latest ‘Pandemic‘, The Verge has announced exclusively that Facebook will prioritize the fact-checking of those posts, photos, or photographs that go viral in the fastest possible period.

For instance, if a Facebook video gets 1 million views in an hour, firstly management should look at it. This could be another one to watch out for.