Fact Check: What is the truth behind changing the display board of Dehradun Railway station?

BJP’s spokesman Sambit Patra has also shared the photo with this claim.

The pictures of the board of Dehradun railway station are becoming very viral on social media, claiming that the name of the station on these boards was written in Urdu, which was changed to Sanskrit.

BJP’s spokesperson Sambit Patra has also shared the photo with this claim. However, we have come to know that the name written on the signboard of the station was changed for some time. But later it was changed again to Urdu.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra shared two photos on Twitter on the morning of July 13 and wrote the caption ‘Sanskrit’. Seeing the tweet, it shows that the name Dehradun is written in Hindi, English and Urdu in the first sign board and in the second sign board in Hindi, English and Sanskrit. Patra was trying to show through his post that the name was written in Sanskrit by removing Urdu.

Patra’s tweet went viral and by the time this story was written, more than 16 thousand people retweeted it and more than one lakh people liked it.

Even before Patra, BJP National Vice President Vinay Sahastrabuddhe retweeted the tweet containing this photo and also praised the Railway Ministry for this feat.

Apart from this, some users have also posted on Facebook with the same photo, writing that ‘BJP government hates Urdu’ Overall, in the post, BJP was responsible for removing the name in Urdu from this sign board.

what’s the FACT?
When we searched about this change on the board of Dehradun station, we saw news reports related to this incident of PTI and IANS in January 2020. According to these reports, the railway authorities had decided that they would write the name in Sanskrit instead of the name written in Urdu at the stations in Uttarakhand. According to reports, this decision was taken under the Railway Manual.

However, we got a clarification on the name change incident of Moradabad’s DRM shared on Twitter. According to this, Deepak Sharma, Chief Public Relations Officer of Northern Railway, says that Urdu names have not been removed from any station and there are no plans to do so.

Written temporarily in Sanskrit.

We received a report of Hindustan Times on February 15, which was written on the same name change controversy. It was written in the article that Dehradun railway station was opened after three months. So this name was changed to English, Hindi and Urdu instead of writing in English, Hindi and Sanskrit.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Moradabad Railway Station said- ‘The board was put up by the construction agency named Sanskrit which was doing the repair work of the station’. He also told that later the Sanskrit part was removed and the Urdu one was replaced. “There was no notification from the railway headquarters that the names on the board should be written in Sanskrit. They have started work to find the right Sanskrit word.”

According to the report of the Indian Express, this matter arose when a BJP MLA from Uttarakhand said that all boards in Uttarakhand should have a name in Sanskrit as it is the second official language of the state.

Overall, the board with Sanskrit was put in place for some time but it was again replaced with the Urdu name.

We also got the report of 14 February till date, in which there is a picture – in the photo the person is sticking the Urdu strip on the Sanskrit strip.

There is also a video in this report in which the reporters are telling that Dehradun has been pasted on Urdu in Sanskrit.

Therefore, it is clear that Dehradun Board was put in Sanskrit for a short time, which was changed again to Urdu. Apart from this, the Railways also have no plans to change the Urdu name to Sanskrit. Even though Sambit Patra has not written a reference to it in his tweet, but it is clear that his tweet is misleading.