Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump’s H1-B Visa Rules On Highly Skilled Workers

Followed by Trump’s defeat in the United States, on Tuesday the federal court’s judge clamped down two rules under Donald Trump’s administration. These rules were enacted earlier to curtail the number of visas issued each year to skilled foreign workers.

Some changes were applied earlier this October in the H1-B Visa Program included imposing salary requirements on companies employing skilled overseas workers and limits on speciality occupations.

Given the number of jobs lost due to Coronavirus Pandemic, Department of Homeland Securities deemed it a priority. The department estimated that total of one third of those who have applied for H1-B Visa in recent years would be denied under the new rules.

According to US District Judge Jeffrey White in California said that the government didn’t follow transparency procedures and it also stated that the changes were an emergency response to pandemic job losses.

White in response to that wrote, “The Covid-19 pandemic is an event beyond defendants’ control, yet it was within defendants’ control to take action earlier than they did.”

Looking at the latest report, The US issues total of 85,000 H1-B visas each year in the sectors including technology, engineering and medicine. These are renewable and are issued for three years. There are over 600,000 H1-B Visa holders in India are from India and China.

The H1-B were a part of Trump’s administration announced weeks before elections, were a part of Donald Trump’s wider agenda to curb nearly all forms of Immigration. Then it got temporarily suspended until the end of the year.

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