Florida Teen ‘Mastermind’ of Global Twitter Hack Sentenced to 3 years in Prison in $180,000 Bitcoin Scam

An 18-year old teenager who hacked Twitter accounts belonging to globally famous personalities like Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and Bill gates has been jailed for three years. As part of a Bitcoin Scam last year, the teen has agreed to dozens of charges. Though it took place in exchange for a three-year prison term.

Graham Ivan Clark pleaded guilty to 30 criminal counts in exchange for a three-year prison term, followed by three years probation. Several accomplices of Clark were among the accused.

The hackers used celebrity accounts to swindle victims out of $180,000 in Bitcoin. The prosecutors claimed that Clark was able to do so by compromising a Twitter employee.

Documents filed in Hillsborough Circuit Court on Monday indicate that 18-year old Graham Ivan Clark agreed to enter guilty pleas to 30 criminal counts. Organized fraud, Communications fraud, and Fraudulent use of personal information were some among the 30 counts.

Clark will be sentenced as a youthful offender to three years in prison on each count. To run concurrently, followed by three years of probation.

Barack Obama offers tp double the bitcoin amount to community

Ivan Clark breached former president Barack Obama’s Twitter account to solicit donations.

Bill gates also offers to double the bitcoin amount to the community

Tweets from Public Figures, among them Bill Gates, offered to send $2,000 for every $1,000 sent to an anonymous Bitcoin address.

This twitter mastermind would receive credit for the time served in jail since his arrest in July 2020. Along with this, he may qualify to serve a portion of his prison-term at a military-style boot camp.

No electronic device access would be provided to him. He will be required to provide access to all his passwords, e-mails, domain names, and apps.

According to the court filing, If Clark violates his probation, he will be sent back to prison to serve the mandatory minimum term of incarceration, which is 10 years, reported WFLA.

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