Following the Centre’s premature retirement order, Delhi government seeks list of ‘ineffective’ officers for early retirement   

Many officials, notably accounts officers who are close to retirement age and who are judged to be inefficient, may have to continue on early retirement as a result of the Delhi government’s finance department’s request to all department heads to perform a periodic evaluation of account cadre officers.

Every department head (HOD) has been instructed to approach the situation with the utmost urgency and submit the report as soon as possible. Officials claim that the instructions were delivered in accordance with the Department of Personnel and Training’s directives (DoPT). According to an official, “the Delhi government finance department has also issued an order to all department heads to submit the name of personnel in a defined pro forma after the Centre’s early retirement decision.”

The government is required to evaluate the performance of employees every six months until they reach the age of 50 to 55 years old in accordance with the aforementioned pension standards. In this case, the government has also established a review committee.

The government employee whose honesty is questioned or who is proven to be ineffective will be retired in accordance with instructions. “Fitness/competence of the person to remain in the role which he or she is holding would be the basic criteria in identifying such people,” stated a senior government official.

The order further stated, “In order to facilitate the review committee to carry out periodical review exercise of Delhi government account officers as per the instructions given on the subject by the DoPT from time to time, a prescribed pro forma has been devised for department and autonomous bodies under the Delhi government for forwarding the particulars of Account Cadre officers of GNCTD working under their administrative control.”

The report of these account cadre officers, deputy controller of accounts, senior accountants, account officers, and assistant accountant officers who are subject to the DoPT’s early retirement restrictions was requested from all HODs. The finance department stated, “This may be considered to be of the utmost urgency and the information as asked may be supplied to the GNCTD at the earliest for presenting the same before the reviews committee established for its assessment and subsequent recommendation.”