From MBA to MBA Chai Wala, Read How Prafull Has Broken The Conventional Standards

We can find only a handful of humans who don’t bother to be conventional and do something in their life that doesn’t fit what society has set for us. There are a few who know how to break the standards and stand out from the crowd.

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Prafull Billore is one of those rare humans who have proved that for some, everything is not just a fancy degree. He in his early 20s has dropped out of his MBA to commence a Tea Stall.

Prafull Billore: MBA Chaiwala makes fortune from a small dream!
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In conversation with Official Humans of Bombay, Prafull conversed about how his frustration with his failure in the exams brought him here. He wanted to travel the world as he needed a break from his constant failures. But reluctant to all this, as every middle-class parent would say no to the idea, same happened with Prafull.

He mentioned, “So at 20, I used up my savings from internships & left. I traveled a lot, but upon reaching Ahmedabad, I decided to stay. I got a part-time job at a restaurant to sustain myself”.

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His parents were keen for him to acquire a degree and therefore, he took admission to a local MBA College in Ahmedabad and continued his job at the restaurant. He told, “I was studying & working; honestly, I was learning more as a cashier than as an MBA student”.

One day while talking to a chaiwala, the idea of opening his own tapri struck his mind and there was no looking back. He bought a patila, a lighter & a chalni and started a thela.

His struggles initially hit him but it made him so much better with time. On his first day, he sold just a single cup of tea but gradually he set the bars. He even told that he distanced himself from his family and friends because their constant reminders would slam him hard.

“My parents said I was bringing ‘shame’ to my family. Even my friends said, ‘Kahan MBA kar raha tha, kahan chai wala bann gaya?’ But I couldn’t give up!” He told.

He even serves discussions and conversations about relationships and politics apart from Chai. His idea of selling tea on Valentine’s Day went viral and his fanbase got so strong that people started calling him to their weddings. He has also been invited to IIMs for speeches to motivate students.

Prafull Billore: MBA Chaiwala makes fortune from a small dream!
Credits: Drilers

He motivates students by mentioning, “The degree doesn’t matter, the knowledge does. I’m a full-time chaiwala & I love what I do!”.

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