Get yourself a dosa on your door step: Watch A Man selling Dosa on cycle in Mumbai

Handwork always pays you off – the phrase is quite famous but seems to be true to its words as well. The hardworking of the man selling dosa on the cycle seemed to be paying him after struggle of 25years.

A Man in Mumbai sells dosa on cycle to your door step. Vendor carries all the essential and take care of the hygiene despite of the limited resources available. The video of this sedulous man covered by a Youtube Channel Aamchi Mumbai went viral.

In the video you will see man selling dosa on the cycle as requested by the customer. The cost of the dosa is between 60 – 100 varies from which one you will like have. He is making a ‘pizza dosa’ in the video with various vegetables, garlic chutney, schezwan chutney all prepared by him.

Credits: Aamchi Mumbai

The video also shows his regular customer trying his ‘pizza dosa’ and claims that it tastes like a regular pizza only. The man has many other customers in the lane desperately waiting for the dosa.

The video has gained over 12M views and about 154K likes. The comment section is full with the appreciation and praise given by viewers to the man. One of the viewers commented,”He is putting everything so generously…big places will not use ingredients with such an open heart….god bless him.” Other is inspired by his dedication and said, The ” story it says – Don’t cry for lack of resources, keep hustling!”

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