Google Chrome browsers gets cool features: Check Out

Google has introduced various features including tabs that load faster, it also lets you organize and find them easily in the Chrome browser.

The search engine said in a blog  that it is “sharing a number of improvements, including tabs that load faster and new features that let you organize and find them easily.”

Google has now introduced the new touch-friendly tabs for the tablet mode. If you use Chrome in your laptop’s tablet mode, you’ll soon have an easier time flipping through your tabs, finding the page you’re looking for, and browsing the web,” Google wrote.

“Rolling out on Android in this release, when you start typing a page title into the address bar, you’ll see a suggestion to switch to that tab if you already have it open. You can already do this in Chrome on your laptop,” the tech giant added.

Google has made tabs 10 percent faster in Chrome. Now the users can easily collapse and expand tab groups and it will be easier to see the ones they need to access.

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