Google officially launches ‘licensable’ image label

Google Images is getting an update that is going to make it easier to license photographs and pictures that are covered by copyright. This update will help publishers, and photographers stand out for users.

The images having licensing information provided by the publisher will now appear in search results with a “Licensable” badge over the thumbnail. When users click on the image the licensing requirements and the link where you can buy the rights to it will be visible.

Publishers will have the option of specifying a purchasing link that is different from the page that the image has shown up from, writes The Verge.

Google is also planning to make it easier for users to search for images according to the type of license attached by enabling you to filter your image search results accordingly. So, users can search for commercial photos that are not covered under any license.

Google wrote in a blog post that they have worked with the imaging licensing industry on these features.

Shutterstock’s VP of content operations Paul Brennan said that they have worked closely with Google on this feature which will help both image creators and image consumers.

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