Google will disable misleading election-related autocompletes

Photo: Engadget

Google Search’s key features are going through a change as part of the company’s efforts for the US elections. Google’s autocomplete feature will be disabled for search queries related to the elections and it also will remove predictions that may influence users on a certain political party.

As Google uses autocomplete to predict queries based on what users have typed in the search box. It makes it easier for users to jump to what they’re looking for without having to type the whole thing out. Seeing how this may affect the US elections, Google is making this change.

Google in a blog post said, “We expanded our Autocomplete policies related to elections, and we will remove predictions that could be interpreted as claims for or against any candidate or political party. We will also remove predictions that could be interpreted as a claim about participation in the election—like statements about voting methods, requirements, or the status of voting locations—or the integrity or legitimacy of electoral processes, such as the security of the election,” 

Google also cited some examples of search predictions like “you can vote by phone” and “donate to” will not appear in autocomplete. But despite Google not autocompleting these queries, people will still be able to search for them. This applies only to the elections and for other search queries autocomplete will work the same way as it does previously.

Google said it has conducted over 1 million search quality tests so far. It also consists of an Intelligence Desk that “actively monitors and identifies potential information threats.” Google highlighted how its breaking news detection has enhanced from up to 40 minutes to just a few minutes now.

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