Hand Sanitizer explodes in woman’s hand in Texas: Read How

Hand Sanitizers in the pocket or anywhere you go is a new normal now. It not only keeps our hands out of germs but also keeps us safe from further infections. Every person is compulsorily using hand sanitizers nowadays.

But as we all know that sanitizers consists of alcohol percentage so it has been advised several times to keep our hands away from fire. But that doesn’t seems to obeyed in case of Kate Wise in Texas.

She was left with burn marks all over her body when she tried to lit a candle. The bottle of the sanitizer exploded while she was lighting a candle. The Burn marks were deep and shocking. She is now in the intensive Care Unit (ICU) recovering the burn.

The incident happened at her home in Austin during weekends. Her hands took fire first and then her full body as the bottle catches fire which was kept nearby. This incident resulted in severe burn marks all over her body.

“Because of the hand sanitizer, it just lit my whole … everywhere I had hand sanitizer on my hand, it just lit my hand with fire,” she told KHOU11. Several portions of her body have second and third-degree burns. 18% of her body is covered in burns said the Round Rock Fire Department.

She is the single mother of her three kids, after being burnt also she tried to take off her clothes and rescued her daughters. The fire damaged her furnitures, clothes, her face most importantly and her body parts.

The same incident has happened in Delhi as well, a man received 35% burn when he was standing next to a stove after using sanitizers.