Haryana Vigilance Bureau nabs woman ASI taking Rs 4 lakh bribe in Karnal

A subinspector assistant was charged with corruption after she was discovered taking 4 lakh for dropping a rape and dowry case against a man and his kid.

The accused, Sarita Rani, was the investigating officer in a case where a lady accused her husband and father-in-law of demanding dowry and raping her. Sarita Rani was assigned to the Sector 32 and 33 police station.

Inspector Sachin of the Vigilance Bureau said, “The ASI first requested 8 lakh to settle the issue. She was caught red-handed collecting a bribe of 4 lakh.

Rani was detained for violating parts of the Prevention of Corruption Act, and she will be brought before the court. The complainants said that they also suspected two more top police officers of participation.