Heartwarming: Auto rickshaw driver Pankaj Behera returns Rs 1.6 Lakh gold necklace misplaced by passenger

Berhampur (Odisha): A 35-year old autorickshaw driver from Odisha’s Ganjam has been praised for returning a necklace of gold worth approximately Rs 1.6 lakh to a female passenger after leaving it in her vehicle a few days before.

Pankaj Behera (an autorickshaw driver) discovered the ornament, weighing in at 30gm, under his passenger seat as he cleaned his vehicle on Friday.

In the presence of law enforcement officers and members of the local car drivers’ association, he handed the vehicle over to Narmada Behera at New Bus Stand Police Outpost.

On Wednesday, the driver of an autorickshaw took the woman, aged 30, and her family from New Bus Stand in Gopalpur.

A police officer stated that Behera kept the ornament of gold in her purse, but it could have accidentally fallen into the car without her knowledge.

After reaching home, she realized that the necklace wasn’t in her purse. She immediately called the autorickshaw driver, who she had known before. He searched the vehicle but did not locate it.

The driver stated that he found the necklace while cleaning his autorickshaw. He then informed the police and the family of the woman.

Narayan Swain was impressed by the honesty of the driver and gave him the office-in charge of the police post.

After receiving her ornament back, the woman felt relieved.

“I was exhausted from the last few days. She said, “Now, I am very happy.