“Highest rating of IPL this season” : Sourav Ganguly

Indian Premier League (IPL) is scheduled to start from 19th September 2020. This year IPL will take place in three different cities of UAE- Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, 13 members of Chennai Super Kings were tested positive for coronavirus before departing to UAE. They will only be entering the bio-bubble after they will be tested negative twice in 24 hours.

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said that this year there might be more number of viewers. During an online lecture Ganguly said, ” Crowds will watch it on television…they (the broadcasters) are actually expecting the highest rating of IPL this season because they believe if (people) don’t turn up in the ground, they will be actually watching on their television sets.”

He further added that holding the IPL was important to ensure a sense of normalcy in COVID-19, which has caused disruption in every aspect of daily life.
“They are properly tested and allowed to enter the ground. But I think that is going to happen over a period of time,” he added.

“…it is actually an effort to bring life back to normal. This will go on for another five-six months till the vaccine comes and I am sure everything then will be back to normal,” he asserted.

“This is just a virus which is already weakening and we will hopefully get past it. These are small bumps in our life, and we have to get past it. We could have easily avoided the IPL…but then, that’s what we humans are and that’s why we have survived all the difficult times.” he added.

“There have been wars, which people have come out from, there have been other bugs which people have come out from over the years. It is only because mankind, people like you and me, and all of us in this discussion have the mental mindset to say ‘hey listen if people are pushing us to the wall, we will find a way back and get life normal’. I think that is important,” he added.