Hindustani Bhau trends on Twitter for his abusive viral video

Hindustani Bhau
Photo: LatestLy

The Internet sensation Vikas Fhatak, aka, Hindustani Bhau, is trending on social media once again. Bhau uploaded a video where he was seen abusing recent incidents in a religious context.

In a rather degrading language, Bhau was seen talking and not caring about the ‘system’ anymore. The original abusive video has been taken down, but the clip has been reshared online by the active people on the internet, who now demand his arrest and verified Instagram account to be revoked.

In his latest now-deleted video, Bhau was seen to highlight a series of events that were in the news due to religious context, he spoke about the viral video showing a woman in Bahrain damaging Lord Ganesh idols, but talking about not caring the ‘system’ anymore and take matters in his own hands. He also said that whosoever makes fun of his religion or God will not be forgiven at any cost.

Some popular social media personalities showed their displeasure over the viral video and other stand-up comedians such as Kunal Kamra, too called him out, urging the police officials to take action against him for his abusive video.

Some social media personalities also questioned how his abusive videos earned him a verified account on Instagram and demanded strict action against Bhau.

Check out some tweets below: