Hong Kong’s Undemocratic Act call on by Five Major Allies, Media Tycoon Arrested in Latest Blow

Five allies of Canada – U.S.,U.K., New Zealand and Australia are calling on Hong Kong government to restore the disqualified candidates and hold it’s Legislative Council Elections as early as possible.

The foreign Ministers of the countries mentioned above issued a joint statement on Sunday saying that they all are ‘deeply concerned’ about the issue and found it ‘unjust disqualification of candidates and disproportionate postponement of Legislative Council of Elections’.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam announced that the date Sept. 6 for Legislative Council election for seats have been postponed for an year due to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus in a large number.

Hong Kong on 30 July cited reasons including the collusion with foreign forces and in opposition to the newly imposed National Security Law by China. Moderate Democrats were targeted and observed an upsurge against city’s electoral freedom.
The move came after the communist rulers in Beijing announced the National Security Laws.

Critics believed that it could break China further onto collision path with the west.But the government believed there could be more disqualification. They also believed that this move could break and curb the ascendency of Young Democrats elected after the lower level district council elections.
The foreign affairs ministers said the moves have “undermined the democratic process that has been fundamental to Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity.” “We support the legitimate expectations of the people of Hong Kong to elect Legislative Council representatives via genuinely free, fair and credible elections,” the statement reads.

We call on the Hong Kong government to reinstate the eligibility of disqualified candidates so that the elections can take place in an environment conducive to the exercise of democratic rights and freedoms as enshrined in the Basic Law.”

Foreign Ministry of The UK government wrote on Twitter about the unjust disqualification and took a dig against HongKong’s government altogether.

UK and Allies call for just democratic decision from HongKong.

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