‘Hop Shoots’ now a luxury item, Bihar farmer sells it for 85,000 a Kilo

We all know, India’s primary sector is Agriculture, and as a matter of fact, is the major occupation.

Indian farmers take new risks periodically. With modernization methods, along with newer crop varieties they are creating new benchmarks in crop yield productivity.

Likewise, a Farmer from Bihar is growing the world’s costliest Vegetable in his backyard!

Amresh Singh, 38, who hails from Karamdih Village, in Bihar’s Aurangabad district has invested 2.5 Lakh to grow Hop Shoots. It is generally seen in the International market which sells at roughly 85,000 for 1 KG. Amresh is growing the vegetable in five Katha of his land and does not use any pesticides or fertilizers.

He does this to his income and productivity as well. He claims that 60 percent of his Vegetable Cultivation has happened effectively.


The Indian Vegetable Institute, Varanasi grows the Hop Shoots, scientifically known as Humulus-lupulus under the guidance of Dr. Lal. Reportedly, Amresh brought saplings of the plant to cultivate them.

The flowers of the plant, known as hop-cones or strobile are used as a stabilizing agent in the Beer brewing process.

The twigs’ usage can be seen for food and medicine.

Senior Bureaucrat Supriya Sahu was among the many Social Media users who shared the story of Amresh, praising him for his innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, hoping other farmers would also start thinking in this manner.



Due to the sweat and tears in the growing process, Hop Shoots used to be sold at 1000 pounds a kilo. Some reports also state that it helps fight against TB, kill Cancer cells and block Leukemia cells, by creating Antibodies.

Amresh also said that Hop Shoots were once cultivated in Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh, but couldn’t take off due to lack of marketing and thus had to be abandoned.



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