Hyderabad: A Smart Decision Helped Cancer Survivor To Experience Parenthood

Karthik (changed name) and his wife welcomed their new born last week, they thanked God for the success of their decision they took eight years back. In 2012, then 23-year old Karthik diagonised with Cancer. After that shocking news future seemed uncertain for the couple.

Considering the side effects of the Chemotherapy, couple decided to preserve sperm in a sperm bank. On the prudent advice of a doctor at a fertility centre, they preserved the sperm prior going for the treatment. Karthik was diagnosed with mediastinal tumour, which sprouts in the chest area separating the lungs.

After treatment, he recovered within a year and decided to have a child and bring back cheer in their lives. Although after a therapy he lost his ability to become father because of the heavy Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy dosage and treatment.

Couple decided to undergo infertility treatment and received the frozen semen to undergo infertility care.Using the advanced technologies like MACS to perform ICSI, the embryo has been transferred in December 2019 and paved their way of experiencing childhood.

His wife delivered a healthy baby girl and discharged from the hospital on Tuesday after a week.

Dr Durga G Rao, medical director, Oasis Fertility said, “Cancer therapy is known to affect fertility significantly and has always been a cause of concern for those becoming victims of it at a young age.”

“Certain drugs like alkylating agents or cisplatin used in chemotherapy are known to impede fertility in patients. Therefore, it makes great sense to preserve the semen or eggs when one is healthy.”