‘I am a Modi fan, BJP supporter’: Rickshaw driver who hosted Kejriwal for dinner in Gujarat seen in PM’s rally, says he hosted him because the union insisted

An autorickshaw driver Vikram Dantani who invited Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to his house for dinner

on September 12 was seen in PM Modi’s rally today. A video of the man wearing a saffron cap of BJP has surfaced online.

Vikram Dantani said since the beginning he has been a BJP voter. “I have been associated with BJP ever since I learned to vote. I am already a fan of Modi sir. I simply invited Kejriwal for dinner and he accepted. I didn’t know he would come to dinner. I am a member of the union and the union insisted me to invite him for the same. I am not affiliated to any party. I am already affiliated with BJP. Our whole society is with BJP,” he said.

Today is the second day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Gujarat tour. Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the semi-high speed Vande Bharat train from Gandhinagar railway station to Mumbai today. PM Modi also boarded the Vande Bharat train at 10:30 am and travelled from Gandhinagar to Kalupur railway station in Ahmedabad.

The first train equipped with Train Collision Avoidance System i.e. KAVACH technology developed in the country will accelerate from zero to 100 kmph in just 52 seconds.