“I considered relocating there”: Akshay Kumar divulges his nationality and claims to be a Canadian citizen  

Even though he pays taxes in India, Akshay Kumar, often trolled as “Canada Kumar,” acknowledged that he maintains his Canadian citizenship. Akshay faced criticism in the past when he filed for Canadian citizenship and failed to cast his ballot in the Lok Sabha elections. After his films failed to find an audience, the actor admitted that he was thinking about relocating to Canada.

But this is not the first time Akshay has disclosed his nationality. The actor was previously questioned on Koffee with Karan 7 if he often gets trolled, and Akshay immediately responded that he seldom uses the internet. “At the most, they write about Canada. Which I don’t care,” he added. When Karan mentioned, “The trolls call you Canada Kumar,” Akshay replied, “Yeah Canada Kumar, Okay call me that.” Akshay said in a recent interview that he is and always will be an Indian.

Speaking to Lallantop, Akshay said, “A few years ago, my films were not working. Almost 14-15 films had not worked so I thought I should probably move elsewhere and work there.” He admitted that one of his pals had advised he move to Canada and resided there. “A lot of people move there for work, but they are still Indians. So, I also thought that if destiny is not supporting me here then I should do something about it. I went there, applied for it (the citizenship) and got it,” Akshay added.

But after achieving success in India once more, he changed his mind. “I have a passport. What is a passport? It is a document used to travel from one country to another. See I am an Indian, I pay all my taxes and pay them here. I have a choice to pay it there as well but I pay them in my country. I work in my country. A lot of people say things and they are allowed to. To them, I would just like to say that I am an Indian, and I will always be an Indian,” he further revealed.

Although there has always been discussion over Akshay’s citizenship, the actor has previously stated that he has sought for an Indian passport. He declared, He declared, “I have now applied for the passport. I am an Indian and it hurts me that I am asked to prove that every time.” during the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019.

Raksha Bandhan, a film by Aanand L. Rai, is his most recent release.