IAS officer Syed Riyaz Ahmed arrested in Jharkhand for sexually harassing an IIT student who came for Internship   

IAS official Syed Riyaz Ahmed was detained by the Jharkhand Police on Wednesday for reportedly assaulting an IIT student in the district of Khunti.

The accused was reportedly arrested on Monday night following the filing of a case at the women’s police station. The IIT student who filed the complaint said that while serving as an intern at Khunti, IAS official Syed Riyaz Ahmed, who serves as the Sub Divisional Officer (SDO), sexually harassed her.

The police have charged Ahmed, who is serving as a sub-divisional magistrate, with violating sections 354A and 509 of the Indian Penal Code.

The police detained him on suspicion of sexual assault and charged him with violating IPC sections 354A (sexual harassment), I (physical contact and advances involving unwelcome and explicit sexual overtures), (ii), (a demand or request for sexual favours), and (iii) (a word, gesture, or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman), as well as 509 (word, gesture, or act intended to degrade a woman’s modesty).

The victim described the event, saying that she was one of eight IIT students who had been recruited for a summer internship by the Khunti district government. On June 14, the crew arrived at Khunti. The victim claims that the event allegedly took place on July 1 after the accused invited the pupils to his house. SDO Riyaz Ahmed welcomed all of the pupils to his home on July 1. He placed an alcohol order and began pressuring us all to consume alcohol. He was drinking booze nonstop. He continued to look at me inappropriately the entire time, the girl said in the FIR.

It further read: “After the party was over, the next morning i.e. on 2 July, he (Ahmed) took all the interns for a tour of his residence. During this, once he found me alone, he started kissing me while saying he has condoms. Due to all this, I became very nervous and somehow managed to run away.”

“Even after I managed to flee, he kept calling my friends and telling them to send me to him,” it added.

Syed Riyaz Ahmed, an IAS, is a native of Nashik, Maharashtra, and his wife works in government as well. Ahmed claims in one of the lectures that is available on YouTube that both of his parents are uneducated and that they wanted the best for him. In 2018, the defendant passed the UPSC on his fifth attempt, earning a rank of 261.