India lodges a complaint at UN after Pakistan’s false statement at Security Council

On Wednesday, India lodged a legal complaint with the UN Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to UN (New York). This was after Munir Akram, released a statement through his twitter regarding Pakistan’s involvement in terrorism.

Through this “statement” released on Twitter this Monday, Akram called on the UN Security Council to combat all forms of terrorism and act against all terrorist organizations and ideologies, including the Hindutva extremists in India.

Nevertheless, the UN Security Council was not open to any non-members on Monday, including Pakistan. Therefore, Akram’s statement was not only untrue but was also misleading and aimed at influencing opinion.

Through a legal complaint to the UN on Wednesday, India said that it fails to understand where Pakistan made the statement since the Security Council session on Monday was not open to non-members of the Security Council.

India also said that the most prominent sponsor of cross-border terrorism against India is trying to masquerade as a victim of terrorism. Indian Mission to UN additionally highlighted through the complaint that Pakistan presented the “laughable claim that India has hired terrorists as mercenaries to hit them.”