India Ranks 131 In Mobile Data Speeds, Lags Behind Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka: SpeedTest Global Survey

Indians have stopped checking towards their data rates and usage, credited to the country’s cheap and unlimited data rates according to plans offered by several companies. World knows that India has the cheapest mobile internet plans and rates in the world.

The standard rate in the country is “Getting 2GB of 4G data per day by spending less than $5”. You can even get 3GB data per day if oned pays just $1 more monthly.

India’s digital power boost 90% contributed to super affordable and cheap rates of data. Though using complete 2GB or 3GB data regularly is still impossible for some but for watching high resolution videos and playing games one needs WiFi connection because of speed.

Speed of the Internet is still an issue because you may get good speeds while in others you may struggle to even refresh your Facebook page.

India’s ranks 131 in mobile data speeds; Lags behind Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka

According to Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index, more data doesn’t mean equivalent speed in India. As per the Report presented till September 2020, “India ranks 131 out of 138 in the global mobile internet speed rankings. While the global average download speed is 35.26 Mbps (megabit per second), India lags at just 12.07 Mbps. The global average upload speed and latency is 11.22 Mbps and 42 ms, India lags at 4.31 Mbps and a higher latency of 52 ms.”

Data Speed

In terms of Data speed, South Korea topped the list  with an average mobile internet speed of 121.00 Mbps. This is double the average fixed broadband speed in India, which lags at 46.47 Mbps, as per Speedtest Global Index– September 2020 data.

Neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan ranks higher and internet speed are comparatively better than India. Sri Lanka ranks 102nd with a speed of 19.95Mbps, Pakistan is at 116th spot with 17.13 Mbps. Nepal occupies 117th spot with a speed of 17.12Mbps.

Internet Speed Daily Consumption In India:

Activity Data consumption
Playing Call of Duty Mobile for 1 hour 35MB
Watching YouTube videos at 360p resolution for 1 hour 280MB
Watching YouTube videos at 720p resolution for 1 hour 600MB
Watching Facebook videos for an hour 300MB
Watching a movie on low resolution on Netflix (1.35 hours) 650MB
Google Chrome (2 hours) up to 150MB

Credits: Speed test Global Report 

Why Better speeds are more important than unlimited data? 

Let’s take an example of content creators who posts 4K videos on YouTube but if suppose you click on the video and it takes forever time to load. For telcos to actually lure consumers they’ll have to provide more data speeds or equivalent to their packs. If you are able to smoothly play a 4K video on your phone then your 2GB data will be exhausted in an hour. This may make you buy more data, thus helping telcos boost average revenue, commonly called ARPU.

People will also get the options to choose between 360p and 4K videos if they know their mobile speeds will be to support it.

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