India Ranks 94, Improved But Below Nepal, Bangladesh: Read Global Hunger Index 2020 Here

India placed at 94th position out of 107 countries in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) report, 2020 with one of Highest Population.

India’s neighbour in South East Asia includes: Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal positioned at much better place as compared in its annual report. World Health Organization (WHO) had also warned earlier this year that 150 million people are likely to face extreme poverty by 2021 due to Covid19 Pandemic.

Credits: TimesofIndia

India’s position in the Global Hunger Index 2020 got improved from 102th spot to 94th position. It should be noted that 117 countries were included in the 2019’s list. Rankings of consecutive years have placed India under ‘serious’ category.

According to the Reports of Global Hunger Index, 2020 14% India’s Population is undernourished and rate of affected children reached and recorded as 37.4 per cent.

“Data from 1991 through 2014 for Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan showed that stunting is concentrated among children from households facing multiple forms of deprivation, including poor dietary diversity, low levels of maternal education, and household poverty,” the GHI report stated.

Countries which achieved best position in the Hunger Index, 2020 and have included in the top brackets of 17: Belarus, Russia, China, Cuba, Kuwait, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine and Brazil and others.

Read Full (GHI) Report Index 2020 Here 

It ranks the countries based on four factors – undernourishment, child stunting, child wasting and child mortality. The report gains credence through as it goes through critical and holistic peer review before publication.

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