India sets a National Record of highest number of Coronavirus cases in a day : Read Report

India is setting new records on Covid19 cases and emerged as a significant hotspot of Coronavirus. On Friday, India broke America’s record of the highest number of cases in 24 hours with 77,000 new reported cases in a day. Today’s report of Covid19 cases reported by ANI. 

India’s National Record

India’s Health Ministry reported 77,266 new cases on Friday taking cases tally to 3.39 million as per federal health ministry. Country recorded 1,000 new death cases counting total fatalities to 61,529 which is the fourth highest followed by US, Brazil and Mexico.

Credits : Statista

India is under this severe virus Crisis after 7 August and have had experienced record increase in number after that. The caseload had increased and have taken this corona war victory too far to reach.The largest ever one day rise is 78,427, reported by the US on 25 July.

The India’s commercial capital Mumbai is affected this virus the most, western part of Maharashtra is severely affected. The state alone has recorded 23,000 death cases. The outbreaks can also be clearly seen in Telangana, Delhi, Chennai largely.

India is already facing the crisis of sufficient health infrastructure and resources which is derogatory in case as virus spreads into rural and isolated communities that have lack or limited healthcare facilities. A recent case of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where The Great Andamanese tribe including 2,944 Coronavirus cases among different tribes have been reported including non-tribal population.

Credits : Statista

There are several opinions and talks making rounds that India is not adamant on testings and as well as not providing enough help leading to increase in death toll. Several anti-bodies have also been suggested to control such a massive outbreak.

Requirements of 1.3 billion population are nothing less than a biggest business opportunity for others. Black marketing of gloves, masks, sanitizers and other personal protection equipments have experienced a boom in the last few months from hospitals.

Mumbai police reportedly found a gang involved with the black Marketing of personal essentials. Police seized 3.8 million pieces of single used surgical gloves that were dried, washed and ready to use.

The Covid World 

Talking about other countries Indonesia on this Friday have observed rise in the number of Covid19 cases for a second successive day. It crossed 3,000 mark in need cases along 105 new deaths.

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A huge numbers have been recorded from West Java tackled outbreaks in almost three factories and cited the reasons that workers are not taking proper health measures.

China from where all this have started reported 9 new cases as well as Coronavirus also reached the RNC 2020 where the worstly hit country America and its President Donald Trump in his speech mentioned about the Vaccines “or maybe even sooner” as he mentioned.

Trump said to “save as many lives as possible, we are focusing on the science, the facts and the data”. He suggested a vaccine may be available in 2020 and criticised his presidential opponent:“Joe Biden’s plan is not a solution to the virus, but rather a surrender,” Trump said.

Global infections from Covid-19 now stand at 24.3m, with deaths totalling more than 830,000.

US reportedly will notice 317,000 deaths by 1 December as predicted by the University of Washington. However, the report also suggests that if 95% of Americans wore a mask, the death toll could be reduced by about 67,000 lives.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is still to see its peak as warned and informed by the Scientists.

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