Indian Himalayas For The Ardent Lovers Of Winters: Travel Beats

There is no place more perfect than the Indian Himalayas. When winters come, India becomes more charming and attractive for travellers. If you are an ardent lover of winters but are looking for something different from a beach vacation here’s where you need to be.


Indian Himalayas

A place that is called the Heaven on Earth, it has some of the warmest people that you would have ever met on your travels. There is a lot to experience in Kashmir in winters; you can very well start from staying at a family-run homestay, lazing by the riverside in Pahalgam, skiing at Gulmarg or late-evening walks by the Dal Lake. 



Indian Himalayas

Arunachal Pradesh‘s Tawang is for those looking for a winter experience in Northeast India, away from a typical vacation in the north. While Tawang is majorly famous for its monastery, there is a lot to explore in this rather solitary place.



Indian Himalayas

A classic summer vacation in India is best spent in Ladakh, a not-so-classic winter vacation is, again, spent best in Ladakh. Winter trip to ladakh need immense planning but is an experience like no other. Winters are also the time for the famous Chadar Trek, when parts of River Zankar freeze and turn into a trekking adventure for those into it.



Aboard the famous toy train in Shimla, better known as the Kalka-Shimla rail which is a treat. More so when it starts snowing and it looks as befitting as a Christmas special train. The landscape, of course, looks nothing less than a wonderland.



Perfect time for a vacation in Uttarakhand, it is winters, especially if you are craving snow and bright sun for your days. Explore Munsiyari and the other offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand to experience the magic unfold in the hills here and you will know what makes a winter trip to the state an altogether different experience.



Indian Himalayas

As cool as ever, this hippie town has its own charms that have stayed unmatched, right from the best of cafes to sitting by the riverside to exploring the woods around. Winters, of course, bring carpets of snow rolling to it.



Indian Himalayas

Himachal‘s Spiti Valley is stunning all around the year, more so in winter. A winter trip to Spiti is not easy but can be your biggest adventure in India. Plan it well and you can have a lifetime’s experience; the locals here are welcoming for one and all, making it a perfect treat.


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