Indian National arrested in H1-B visa fraud case for $21 million

On Friday, an Indian National has been arrested on the charges of conspiring visa fraud and for inducing foreign nationals in United States.

48-year old Ashish Sawhney allegedly using fraudulently calling people to US as obtained by H1-B visas federal prosecutors.

He used four corporates to organize the improper submission of H1-B visa application papers which is significantly for work or occupation.

Ashish had been using this process of improper visa placements to introduce an alien in US living and residing have helped him gain financial profit privately.

As the prosecutor said, “Swahney have generated the total count of approximately $21 million gross.”

Sawhney can face a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

A resident of Sterling which is a Virginia suburb of Washington DC. He improperly submitted H-1B visa application materials stating that the foreign workers will be provided with a particular job.

The Prosecutor said, “As no such job existed at the time of filing.”

Prosecutor added, “He attempted to naturalise as a US citizen by submitting an application containing false statements.”

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