Indian Whiskey’s Global Demand On Rise, Bagged Award From Jim Murray’s ‘Whisky Bible’

Indian whiskey have become a talking point in the world because of its quality and reach. Amrut Fusion Single Malt and Paul John’s Mithuna bagged two top awards from Jim Murray and his ‘Whisky Bible’, in addition to awards from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the World Whiskies Award.

Premium products of Indian Whiskeys such as Amrut, Paul John and Rampur are now being exported to over 60 countries. Vinod Giri, director-general of the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC), the representative body of leading Indian alcohol beverage companies informed that Indian whiskeys are being noticed for their distinctive flavours and full-bodied palate.

Whiskeys are one of the most consumed alcohol in India accounts for over 60% of the total alcohol consumption. Vinod Giri added, “Annual whisky sales in India in 2019 were 220 million cases (nine litres each) out of 345 million cases for the entire spirit alcohol industry. We estimate that the long-term growth will hold around 4%, taking the whisky market to 265-270 million cases in five years’ time.”

Indian single malt whiskeys are unique and a must for any single malt connoisseur across the globe added Sanjeev Banga, president – international business, Radico Khaitan in his statement to The Financial Express. “Our premium whiskies are comparable to any deluxe or standard scotch, and prestige whiskies are similar in taste to scotch, but at a very affordable price. All these elements make Indian whisky an exciting category on the world stage,” he said.

However, Paul John’s single malts prepared by the Asa Abraham of John Distilleries said that it is early days as there are only three quality producers. “We are still building the Indian single malt category in the whisky world. International awards are the route to recognition with judges, influencers, trade and consumers. These stakeholders have taken notice of Indian single malts, and competitions have even created a new category of Indian and Asian single malts. This is a recognition of quality and also an invisible protection for their homegrown whiskies as we would thus not compete with them directly,” she said.

As per Mr Giri country is exporting around seven to eight million cases of bottled Liquor. Among different parts of the countries in the world, Middle East and Africa are our biggest consumption areas comprising 70-80% values over Rs 800 to 900 crores.

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