Instagram has rolled out its Guides feature for everyone: Here’s How To Create It

The expeditious change in the technology, especially the latest features on the applications of social media is focusing on the consumer-friendly add-ons. Instagram has flattened the Guides feature to everyone. Its a new format for sharing curated and scrollable content.

Instagram Guides


What are Instagram Guides? 

‘Guides’ on IG is add-on feature which enables a creator to post the content in a flow, best for step-to-step guides, tips and recommendations. Initially IG enabled this feature to a selected number of health and wellness advocates, in order to provide resources for the people struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instagram Guides


How to Create Instagram Guides?

> Open Instagram and head into your profile.

> Tap the ‘+’ icon showing on the top right corner of your profile page.

> From the list of ‘Create’ options, select ‘Guide’.

> Choose what kind of ‘Guide’ you want to make from the three Guide formats:           Places, Products, Posts.

The Places gives the option to recommend the places to visit, the Products is for recommending your favorite products and the third option, Posts presents you to recommend posts you created or saved.

> According to the format chosen, you then need to create a Guide for other Instagram users to look at.

Where to find Instagram Guides? 

To ingress to IG Guides, head to a creator’s profile and click on separate new tab ‘Guides’.

Here you’ll be able to fetch all the guides shared by the creator, much alike the IGTV works.

Guides can easily b hared to IG stories or with other users by tapping the paper plane icon at the top-right hand corner of the screen.

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