Instagram Lite Launched In India; It’s Just 2 MB In Size

Instagram announced company’s low data version of the social media app, Instagram Lite. This app is not restricted to only low power devices and is available on Google Play Store. This app can be downloaded traditionally from the Google Play Store, and it is only 2 MB in size only. Instagram Lite is like any other ‘Lite’ app clearly focusses on providing low data, slow network and basic smartphone users can easily access Instagram on their devices.

The interface is the copy of the full fledged high storage version of the Instagram. Apart from being a ‘Lite’ version of the app, there are certain features which makes it different from the full scale Instagram app. First, there is no way to get a dark theme or to turn on ‘Dark Mode’ on the Instagram Lite. Secondly, It also doesn’t get IGTV and Reels Tab and uploaded videos will be played as the standard videos. Thirdly, it does have an explore button at the bottom but cannot use the dynamic grid.

The official announcement has been made followed by the meeting conducted to discuss the business in India and impact of Facebook’s product in India full fledgedly. Meanwhile, the Instagram Lite has been announced by the Facebook in a meeting. After the launch the Facebook’s strategy I’d clear as the crystal to rope in for India’s users through Instagram Lite. Instagram’s new low data version may be used to show the internet users and basic smartphone users the world of content creators.

During the conference hosted by Facebook called ‘Facebook Fuel For India 2020’, the company repeatedly supports for using its apps for the business strategically including the business labels and by bringing small micro enterprises into the business. Taking into consideration the demographics of India precisely, Instagram Lite is a striking step towards making business reliable for Facebook. Alongside this Facebook has made WhatsApp Payment live for all UPI users of State Bank of India as well as targeting largest of private sector banks such as ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank.

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