iPhone 11 Pro stayed under water for 30 days; Still working.

iPhone 11 Pro survived under water for 30 days after a goof by one of the users. The unintentional experiment took place the when of the 50 years old user Angie Carriere went out for fishing the Waskesiu Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada and dropped her iPhone 11 in the frozen lake.

Phone remained underwater for 30 days, as she gave up on it. The incident took place on Carrier’s 50th birthday celebration. While fishing nearby the lake Carrier drop the iPhone in the lake while reacting to a gust of wind.

She tried retrieving the phone by going at the same spot and searched for two hours. With the help of a magnet and some fisherman Carrier was able to locate the phone in the bottom of the lake.

iPhone 11 Pro

Her iPhone 11 Pro was was fully operational and all her images were saved in the it. The pictures were Carrier’s main concern as, it has all the memories of her birthday.

The iPhone 11 Pro is IP68 rated; but it still can withstand prolonged dives to a depth of several meters. Though, Apple does not prove any warranty of repair in this scenario.

Well this is not the first time, iPhone has survived the battles before. One of the similar incident took place with iPhone 11 in Harrison Lake in Canada, it managed to operate fully after being underwater for 6months.

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