IPL 2020: Rajasthan Royals reveal new jersey in a very dramatic style. Watch

On Wednesday Rajasthan Royals revealed their new Indian Premier League ( IPL) season 2020 jersey in a very dramatic way.

The team paired up with Red Bull Skydiving and wingsuit athlete Dani Roman, who skydived and come down to Dubai’s One & Only Beach, Royal Mirage, to hand out their new jerseys to the RR boys.

The Spanish skydiving athlete could be seen leaping from a helicopter, several thousand feet above the Palm Islands, holding a Rajasthan Royals bag with him in the video released by the team. Flying over the players as he left a strew of smoke into the air, he parachuted it onto the beach and flung a big bag of jerseys to catch them.

“Our mornings are generally very quiet but today it turned around totally with us being asked to head to the beach for a surprise,” says David Miller.

“It was such a great view to see someone jumping off a plane and land to deliver our jerseys for the season. I have myself experienced skydiving in Dubai a couple of years back, and today’s show brought back a lot of memories,” he added.

The IPL season 2020 schedule from 19 September. Rajasthan Royals will face Chennai Super Kings on September 22 in their first game at Sharjah.

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