Iran Began Nuclear Warhead Production, UN Report Confirms

Israeli government is once again threatening to launch military strikes on Iran’s nuclear development facilities amidst new reports that Iran has begun preparations to manufacture materials essential for the production of nuclear warheads.

According to The Times of Israel reports, In one of the most forceful statements made by an Israeli official, the Likud’s Tzachi Hanegbi, considered an ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, threatened that Israel could attack Iran’s nuclear program if the United States rejoined the nuclear deal, as US President-elect Joe Biden has indicated he plans to do.”

A new UN confidential report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) alleges that Iran has initiated a major final step in the process necessary to make nuclear weapons. The secret (IAEA) document has been seen by The Wall Street Journal and in a focus of bombshell Wednesday says, “The International Atomic Energy Agency, in a report for member states viewed by The Wall Street Journal, said Iran has told the watchdog that it has started manufacturing equipment it will use to produce uranium metal at a site in Isfahan in coming months. Uranium metal can be used to construct the core of a nuclear weapon.”

According to WSJ, “Iran hasn’t made uranium metal so far, senior Western officials said. The IAEA said Tehran had given it no timeline for when it would do so. Still, the development brings Iran closer to crossing the line between nuclear operations with a potential civilian use, such as enriching nuclear fuel for power-generating reactors, and nuclear-weapons work, something Tehran has long denied ever carrying out.”

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