Japan : Shinzo Abe to set new successor, voting on September 14

Tokyo –  After Japenese Prime Minister’s resignation due to health reasons, there starts the conversation regarding who’ll take his place especially during these tough times.

Putting all concerns to rest, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, his close consort has quickly emerged as taking the lead to succeed him after Abe gave a silent nod to Suga’s candidacy.

Suga who has been a constant support to Abe since he was elected again in 2012. He is well-positioned to make the case for his leadership by promising the continuation of current economic policy and measures against the coronavirus.

According to sources, he is expected to announce his candidacy leading from Democratic Party’s presidency on Tuesday. The Hosoda and Aso factions renowned as as LDP’s largest and second largest groups to rally behind Suga.

The results will be announced of the Presidential race on mid of September. He will become Japan’s next Prime Minister by virtue of ruling coalition’s majority in both houses.

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