Jharkhand: Girl Suffering from Rapunzel Syndrome Gets 7 Kg Ball of Hair Removed from Abdomen

A 17-year-old girl from Jharkhand identified as Sweet Kumari, suffering from Rapunzel Syndrome underwent an operation after complaining of stomach ache.

In a 6-hour procedure doctor removed a 7Kg Ball of Hair from her abdomen. Operation was carried out in a private hospital in Bokaro district by a team of doctors led by De GN Sahu.

Photos and short videos of doctors removing a large mass of hair from abdomen have gone viral. It had formed into a big ball in several years and 3 years ago she was suspected to have a tumour in her stomach.

According to Dr Sahu, it was his first time in career he saw such a massive accumulation of hair in the abdomen. Eating hair or Rapunzel syndrome is a condition where the person eats hair and finds the habit unstoppable. Hair being non-biodegradable it collects and together forms a clump in stomach.