Kapil Sharma announced ‘Auspicious News’, Confirms his Digital Debut with Netflix

Indian comedian and TV show host Kapil Sharma is all to set to make his digital debut with Netflix. Fans and Followers across the world gets excited with this news as The Kapil Sharma Show host announced this auspicious news via Twitter.

On December 5, Kapil Sharma has hinted about the news using the adjective ‘auspicious’. This announcement led fans and followers start gushing about his second baby. However, the comedian while simplifying the rumours announced his Netflix debut.

He attached short video clip with his tweet where he was seen uttering the word ‘auspicious’ but is unable to. Then director tells him to announce the news in Hindi and then by following the directions, he end up saying the word fluently.

Kapil Sharma tweeted and confirmed the news back in 2020, “I am super excited for my first-ever association with Netflix. 2020 has been a bumpy ride for everyone around the world and my motive is to make people forget their worries and welcome this new year with love, laughter and positivity. I always wanted to be on Netflix but I didn’t have their number (hahaha). It’s a project close to my heart and I cannot wait to share more details with my fans soon.”

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