Kejriwal assures employment to youth in Gujarat; Delhi’s unemployment rate is 8.9% whereas for Gujarat it is 2.2%    

Addressing a rally in Gujarat’s Somnath, Arvind Kejriwal, the national convenor of the Aam Aadmi Party, promised job guarantee to the people of Gujarat if his party wins the forthcoming Assembly Elections. It is interesting to note that Delhi’s unemployment rate is 8.9% whereas for Gujarat it is just 2.2%.

According to Kejriwal, every jobless person in Gujarat would be given a job if the AAP wins power, and those who are unable to find work will get a monthly income of Rs 3,000.

“I give a guarantee of employment to the people of Gujarat. Every jobless person in the state will be given a job. All those who do not get jobs will be given Rs 3000 per month,” said Kejriwal

He criticised the Gujarat government during his speech to the crowd for the recent deaths of persons who had consumed fake alcohol.

“I came to know that the Chief Minister of Gujarat has not yet gone to meet them. They believe that it will not affect the vote-bank. In everything, there is no vote… the life of a person is important,” Kejriwal said.

“I asked one of the patients from where he got the alcohol. He said that in every village and city, if you want it, it is also delivered at home… those who want their children to drink poison should vote for BJP, those who want education and employment for their children should vote for AAP,” he added.

In preparation for Gujarat’s upcoming assembly elections, AAP has been actively campaigning. This is Kejriwal’s fourth trip to the state in the last month and his second in a week to Rajkot.