Khwaja Sayyad Chishti shot dead in Maharashtra over ‘property dispute’

A 28-year-old Afghan Sufi preacher who had been living in India as a refugee for the last four years was shot and killed on Tuesday night in the jungle near Nashik, Maharashtra. Khwaja Sayyad Chishti, also known as ‘Sufi Baba’, has been named as the dead.

Five persons have been implicated in the murder by the police, and the crime appears to have been committed for financial or property reasons.

We have apprehended one guy, and he is being questioned, said Sachin Patil, Nashik Rural’s superintendent. The motivation appears to be related to money and property problems. But we are looking at everything.

Around 7.30 p.m., the event occurred in a forest region in Yeola, Nashik.

According to the police, the accused, who are acquainted with Chishti, drove him to a jungle location and demanded him to conduct a ritual for a new plot. But Chishti was unaware that it was all a trap to kill him. As Chishti was stepping into the car after conducting the ritual, one of the accused shot him with a revolver, instantly killing him. The males left the area after that, they claimed.

According to the police, he publishes sermon videos on his YouTube account, where the majority of his revenue is generated. 2.27 lakh people follow the 2017-created channel, which has earned over 6 crore views. According to the police, he also received funding from citizen donations.

According to the authorities, Chishti had properties in India valued Rs 3 crore. As an Afghan refugee, he is not permitted by Indian law to acquire real estate, thus all of the properties were bought in the names of Indian citizens he knew.

According to the police, he also purchased a vehicle and 15 acres of land in Yeola. They believe that the people Chishti had listed as the owners of his property may be the assassins.